Lillie Eats and Tells (Original) Macro Friendly Cookbook (Digital Download)

Lillie Eats and Tells- Macro Friendly Recipes

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Lillie Eats and Tells (Original) Macro Friendly Cookbook (Digital Download)

This macro-friendly eBook makes preparing healthy dinners a breeze.  A handful of delicious, lean protein recipes are used in over 40 DIFFERENT meals to simplify dinnertime in your home WITHOUT sacrificing taste, macros, or quantity.  Some of the recipes are tried and true favorites from the blog, while others are making their debut.  Here are a few examples of what you'll find:

  • Greek instant pot pork
  • Coconut curried turkey-mushroom meatballs over zoodles
  • Chicken enchilada spaghetti squash bake
  • Korean bbq pork tacos
  • Mediterranean chicken flatbreads

Beyond recipes, you'll find helpful information about macro counting and how to set appropriate numbers for yourself; as well as grocery lists (organized by store) with all of our favorite macro-friendly staples!